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Supplying the Automotive Aftermarket with  automotive and retail accessories for over 40 years.  Our success comes from an uncompromising commitment to designing on-trend, high quality, automotive accessories combined with today's most popular and iconic brands.   A Southern California based company that maintains an in-house art and creative Design team.  We service every major retailer across North America with continued growth in our business internationally.

Plasticolor Molded Products:

Supplying the automotive aftermarket with high quality, licensed automotive accessories for over 40 years.

A supplier and distributor of aftermarket automotive accessories to retail automotive chains, mass merchandisers, warehouse distributors and promotional markets, specializing in sun control graphics, automotive decals, body graphics, pinstriping, vanity license tags, license tag frames, magnets, and auto ornaments. As the industry leader, Chroma™ continues to develop exciting new designs and products every year.

Chroma Graphics:

Supplier and distributor of aftermarket automotive accessories to  retail and online automotive markets.


Manufacturing since 1971, molded, rubberized vinyl mats that do their job!  Bright and colorful, heavy duty, durable and made to last.  Great products that promote great brands and and keep our domestic and international customers coming back!  We offer multiple shapes, sizes and colors and always deliver a creative, beautiful product every time.  Skillfully crafted by our full service design team, we create virtual and final custom manufactured products for corporate and consumer needs.

Plasticolor Designs:

Custom molded mats for the industry on demand.


© 2023 All Rights Reserved. LBMB Inc.®